Yearly dues for the Wilkinsburg Historical Society are:

$20.00 INDIVIDUAL Member
$35.00 FAMILY Membership
$10.00 STUDENT or ASSOCIATE Members (for out of town members who cannot usually attend meetings.)

Please pay your yearly dues so that we can continue to send out the Archives newsletter, assist with preservation projects and have interesting programs. A big THANK YOU to those who have already sent their dues, and a special THANKS to the members who contributed extra funds in the ‘donation’ box.

Our mailing address: Wilkinsburg Historical Society, P.O. Box 17252, Pittsburgh, PA 15235

We are encouraging all of our members to save a tree and help save us postage by providing an email address for delivery of your Archives newsletter. Please send your request for email version to WilkinsburgHistory at We will continue to send your newsletter through the post office if you need a postal “snail mail” version, if that is your preference.

We always appreciate information, photos, ideas for programs and volunteers who would like to present a program to the Wilkinsburg Historical Society. Please consider how you would like to be involved. Send us a note to our PO Box or email WilkinsburgHistory at


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